Supan Prosthetic Orthotic Consultations


Prosthetic Orthotic Facility Consultations

Accreditation:  Mr. Supan has been involved with Facility Accreditation since 1984.  He was the director of a clinical practice at Southern Illinois University (SIU) which successfully underwent the ABC Facility Accreditation under the original standards.  He was a member of the ABC Board of Directors when the current accreditation process was adopted and was directly involved with the establishment of the Standards in 2000.  As a Clinical Associate of Orthotic & Prosthetic Associates of Central Illinois, a private practice facility, he was directly involved with the creation of their internal standards manual which resulted in the organization’s receiving ABC Facility Accreditation on its original application and its renewal three years later.  He is available to assist both private and institutional practices in their preparation for Facility Accreditation.

Compliance:  Because Mr. Supan has been involved with Fraud and Abuse investigations, the creation and teaching of appropriate documentation at SIU, and consultation with OPIE™ during the original development of their computerized P&O office software documentation, he is well versed in the current requirements for appropriate documentation to prevent any lack of compliance.  Mr. Supan has had first hand involvement with facility environmental and safety issues as well.  He is available to review your current record keeping and lab safety programs and make recommendations for your facility to enhance your compliance in these critical areas.

EducationMr. Supan is an internationally known educator and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the NCOPE Residency Program for post graduate clinical education.  He can help create a NCOPE Residency Site which will meet your corporate goals while providing meaningful education for the P&O resident, or he can reassess your current program.  He is also available for on-site education for practitioners and technical staff to help maintain state and national Continuing Education requirements.  CEU credits would vary depending on education provided.

Facility Consultation Fees:  The fees for accreditation, compliance, and education consultations are individually based on your facilities’ needs.  Please contact our office for an estimate.