Supan Prosthetic Orthotic Consultations


Expert Witness

Litigation:  Mr. Supan has provided expert witness services for both the defendant and the plaintiff.  As an expert in the field he is able to provide prosthetic and orthotic expense and lifetime use projections (Actual cost will need to be calculated by actuarial professionals).  Services include, but are not restricted to, conferences, depositions, and court appearances related to prosthetics/orthotics and general rehabilitation for amputations and other physical disabilities.

Record Review:  Mr. Supan is available for prosthetic/orthotic records review to help determine the validity of any litigation.  He is also able to review records to uncover potential positive or negative outcomes during the litigation process.  Mr. Supan is a medical records reviewer for Advanced Medical Review, Inc.

Patient Needs Assessment:  An accurate Needs Assessment is paramount in determining a appropriate settlement for any malpractice or liability litigation.  Supan POC uses a custom program to arrive at a realistic determination of prosthetic needs.  A similar program is under development for individuals requiring orthotic care.  In order to complete the assessment all medical, prosthetic/orthotic, physical/occupational therapy records as well as any depositions are required.

Fraud and Abuse:   Mr. Supan has served as a consultant in cases of suspected Fraud and Abuse at the Federal and State levels as well as with insurance carriers.  He can review clinical notes, fabrication and billing records in order to validate claims for prosthetic and orthotic services.  This includes billing for services not provided, inappropriate multiple coding, up-coding, etc.  He can also make recommendations on additional specific investigations and serve as a professional expert if further litigation is necessary.

Professional Consultation fees:

            Case Retainer Fee (non-governmental cases)   $3000.00        per case

        Clinical Records Review                                   $  325.00        per hour

        Pre-deposition/Pre-testimony Consultation       $  500.00        per hour

        Deposition                                                          $  750.00        per hour

        Testimony                                                           $1500.00        per day

        Travel & Other Expenses                                         Actual cost